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When you pick up your $50 Gift Card you can remain anonymous. If you are sneaky and double dip the request please limit yourself to once a month. I have limited funds and find it enjoyable to share with everyone. Christopher

Leave your $50 Gift Card request by email  


I will email you today where to pick up the card.

Tell something about your situation. Every Christmas I select two families from the 
previous 12 months and do something special for them. 

Receive an extra $50 from Nevaeh's Gift to purchase some baby things. new

The Year is 2017

There is no darkness on my front porch, visit myporchlight.org where I write about my understanding of the two commandments given to us and the Good News. I wish more Christian churches understood the Golden Rule and did a little more for their community.

Location is near Los Alamos & Hancock